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New Zealand Skincare

New Zealand Skincare Buy our trusted and proven skincare creme's direct from our site. Stay looking and feeling younger, allow your skin to become soft & supple. Indulge yourself order online from our secure web site now!

We take skincare seriously. Buy what is arguably the worlds best Lanolin online.


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Basic Skincare Regimen

The below information applies to most skin types but there are always special people who may require specialist or alternative crème's. Often we may recommend a particular product or brand but you may find a different brand or product more suitable for your particular skin type. Keep trying different brands and products until you find one that your skin responds well to and then stay with it.

Cleansing – You should not use a cleanser to often. Once a day is all you should need. Preferably cleanse in the evening before bed. Use warm water to wash first then using a penny size for quantity of cleanser. Make sure the water is warm as both hot and cold water will break the capillaries within the face causing long term damage. Plus it has been proven warm water helps to more easily remove the dirt and unwanted oils. Ensure you remove your make up with makeup remover. For a unique experience from New Zealand try our Thermal Mud range, in particular the Face Mask or the relaxing Face Pack or better yet the Thermal mud warm Face Pack.

Exfoliate – Scrubs are the most common form of exfoliating. This should be done daily, usually in the morning. When using a face scrub make sure that the granules are very fine and are not harsh on your skin as larger granules can cause irritation and in some cases the constant scraping of the skin causes damage to the skin surface. We have many wonderful face scrubs in all categories for you to try.

Moisturise – You should use a moisturiser whenever you feel your skin needs it. If you feel your skin is tight and rough, perhaps due to something you had done or somewhere you have been, take the time out to look after your skin. Everyone whether you have dry or oily skin will benefit from moisturising as the whole concept of moisturising is to trap or seal moisture within the skin cells.

Are eye creme's necessary - The skin around the eyes is acknowledged to be more delicate and so, more emollient and specialized creme's are needed for this delicate area. A common mistake made by many people is to just use your face moisturiser and rub it over the eye area as well. This is bad for several reasons, first, in using your normal face moisturiser the tendency is to rub it in like you do with the rest of your face, and that is incredibly bad for this extremely delicate area and in fact can have the reverse effect if continued for a prolonged period of time. Secondly a normal face moisturiser just does not have the correct amount of emollient included that a proper eye creme has, and often the moisturiser is perfumed or has fragrances included in some way which can cause irritation or other problems with the eye itself.

Protection – Finally the best skin protection you can have is to protect it from the sun. Use a hat where applicable and sunscreen. It shouldn't need to be said that the number one cause of premature wrinkles is caused by the sun. It is not necessary to put on a separate sunscreen as these days most good moisturisers have a good quality sunscreen blended in with a minimum spf of 15. Our Manuka Honey and our Kiwifruit range both have this included in the Facial moisturiser. Also a special range of sunscreen is available on the Manuka Honey page of our New Zealand Skincare website.

Our Store

Our Gift shop is located in Taupo, New Zealand. We have a large range of general gifts for all ages and nationalities. However we do have a very unique range of New Zealand Skincare that is not sold in any pharmacies or skin specialist stores. We have tried and tested a variety of specialist skincare products and have narrowed it down to what is now on this web site.

We started selling it within New Zealand, and it quickly caught on becoming extremely popular forcing us to consider a website that has only our New Zealand Skincare on it and nothing else. Finally we have developed this web site and it has enabled us to streamline orders much more efficiently. It also allowed us to begin sending orders to other countries and found that many Kiwi x-pats continue to demand their skincare regime. As the word has spread now internationally these products have made a huge reputation for themselves and demand on our website continues to grow.

All orders are handled in store by us personally and dispatched as quickly as possible. Our store hours are 9.30am to 5.00pm, orders outside these times or too late in the afternoon will wait until the following day. We have been providing our New Zealand skincare range since 2002 and thoroughly recommend it to everyone with skin conditions ranging from dry or damaged skin due to exma, sun damage or an extremely cold climate.

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